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(uncover the subconscious roots of your triggers + learn a new paradigm of self-healing)

  • Learn to heal your core issues in a loving and integrated way.

  • Discover the roots of your triggers in the subconscious mind.

  • Gain profound insights into the conflicts + repeating patterns in your life.

  • Massively increase your self-compassion and self-understanding.

  • Learn the 3 biggest emotional mistakes you're making that are keeping you stuck and spinning.

Tuesday, 4/27  |  7PM mountain time

Presented by Psychic Horizons Center and Hello Inner Light!

We all get triggered sometimes...


When we feel triggered, our first instinct is often to judge ourselves and run away from our feelings.  But, what if your triggers are actually messengers from your subconscious that contain vital information? 


The truth is, your triggers hold the keys to identifying and healing deep emotional blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors. 


And, if you find yourself repeating the same emotional patterns again and again in life - either feeling stuck or out of control - this training is especially important for you! 


This jam-packed, hour long training is going to show you how to distill profound wisdom from your triggers - and then heal them deep in your subconscious. 


I can't wait to see you at the training!  

Karena Neukirchner

Certified RIM® Facilitator

(Regenerating Images in Memory)

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